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Sports Massage Therapy Worthing

Maintaining Health Improving Pre-event Performance Rehabilitation Of Injuries

Sports massage can really assist the recovery rate from many types of Injury or training sessions Including those sustained from sporting activities such as Cycling, Running and Swimming leading to improved quality and quantity of your training sessions which can be achieved, leading to improved performance on race day!

Of the three sports Cycling, Running & Swimming: Running tends to cause the greatest physical damage due to the high impact of the sport. Left unchecked hardness can develop within the muscles that in time can spread and eventually lead to muscular imbalances and over-use injuries such as muscle pulls or tendon strains. Tight muscles are also at risk of cramping, especially when fatigued, as in a triathlon race.


Pre Event Massage - this is not instead of a warm-up. This type of masage is for an athletes preparation for competition or training. Physical effects are- Warming muscles and joints, increasing circulation, improving range of movement in the joints. All of these can help injury prevention. The main benefit of Pre-event massage is to prepare the major muscles and joints that will be used mostly in training or a main sports event.

Post Event Massage - this can bring notice to an injury that may have otherwise gone unnoticed giving the athlete a chance to help to encourage them to heal at an earlier stage. Delayed onset muscle soreness aka (DOMS) should be reduced when the athlete has had adequate massage which is then applied soon after exertion. Post Event Massage is not an alternative for a cool down.

Accredited International Sports Masseuse


Melissa Gilbert started a career as a Beauty Therapist, Makeup Artist but has decided to expand her knowledge and skills as a Sports Therapist and in the last five years has become Qualified as an Accredited International Sports Masseuse.

Melissa Gilbert uses the highest qualiety of products for all treatments and is constantly attending courses and updating the latest techniques.

Come and visit Melissa's new Sports Clinic at Splashpoint Leisure Centre, 60 Brighton Road, Worthing ,BN11 2EN

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