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Wedding Make up

Wedding Make up

To ensure perfection for your special day I offer a complimentary consultation, followed by a trial make up session prior to your wedding day.   

Tailor made packages to suit your individual requirements and Budget  £100.00

Package 1

Wedding trial make-up and on the day with a luxury manicure
normal price £120/ discounted rate £108

Package 2

Wedding trial and make-up and on the day plus a luxury manicure, luxury pedicure and eyebrow shape
normal price £150/ discounted rate £135

Package 3

For the bride before her big day
Wedding trial make-up, Facial, luxury manicure, luxury pedicure and eyebrow shape

On the wedding day

wedding make-up for the bride/mother of the bride and up to three bridesmaids

normal price £316 discounted rate £284.40 (10% off all packages)

Your Wedding Day Beauty Countdown With Melissa

You want to look gorgeous and radiant on your wedding day so now you have chosen your beautiful gown your smile, skin, hair and makeup is the next step for you to look and make you feel truly beautiful.

Here is my beauty countdown for you to start on your beauty plans way in advance of your big day:

6 Months Before The Wedding

Start collecting photos of your ideal hair and make-up looks

Refresh your skincare routine. Start having facials to make your skin look radiant.

Invest in high-quality cleansers and moisturizers for your skin.

Start a programme for self tanning

Create a stress-relief plan. Receiving massages, Indulge in a Hot Stone therapy massage

3-4 Months Before Your Wedding Day

Schedule a practice hairstyle session with your stylist. Bring in photos of your gown, headpiece and veil and photos of hairstyles you've found online or in magazines.

Schedule a practice makeup appointment with Melissa

Start looking into having waxing, figure out the perfect timing for your pre-wedding waxing.

Book your hair and makeup for your wedding day, as well as for the bridal party, mothers ,kids and others.

Book a pamper party, bridal shower before the wedding day.

Book massages for regular sessions before the wedding.

Get regular manicures and pedicures to feel pampered as the wedding approaches.

1-2 Months Before Your Wedding Day

Start your skincare and hair moisturizing care routines if you haven't already.

Schedule a practice hair style session with your stylist, this time taking your headpiece or veil for the full wedding look.

Continue with beauty routines.

2 Weeks Before Your Wedding

Maintain your regular skin cleansing and moisturizing treatments. Add exfoliation treatments to your routine, paying special attention to your feet, hands, elbows and even your lips (use on the lips delicately).

1 Week Before Your Wedding

Get your eyebrows shaped and your bikini, underarms and upper lip waxed, if that's your routine. 1week advance time on these treatments is usually enough to ensure smoothness without redness.

Get a facial

Have your nails done pre-wedding parties, surprises and gatherings.

The Day Before Your Wedding

Maintain your beauty regime, taking extra care to pamper yourself.

Get your nails done.
Have an eyebrow shape to perfect your arches.

On Your Wedding Day

Go to the salon, or set up a space in your home, for your professional hair and makeup applications.

Touch up your make-up after you take pre-wedding photos, and appoint someone to be your beauty touch-up reminder person during your Wedding day.

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